Welcome to the new site

june 03, 2011 05:29pm

Welcome to my new-look website, courtesy of the awesome friend I call Ross Tesoriero ( and to his face!). I didn’t have the heart to kill off the old site, so you can experience the old-time glory of that business if you so desire. This new site has a blog (you are there now) a place to shoplift my goods as well as a better way to show and tell new stuff…I have even accepted the world of Face book…eek! There was a good 2+ year gap between my last update and now. I was too busy doing actual art and music that I neglected communicating with the outside world…so….this first blog will be chock-a block full of thestuff I should have spruiked to the world.

Here is a brief summary of those 1000 or so days in no actual order. I got married in San Fran to my best friend Gina, honeymooned in Mexico …got a new cat called Cha-Chi who is awesome and survived a 16 metre drop off our roof, now in Petersham (cat and roof)….started a new band – Chinese Burns Unit, with John, Jon and Jay. We are pretty great and have vinyl predicted to hit turntables by the end of 2011... we have merch you can live without but you’ll live the life of a sad, uncool leper.


I put out a cd of live rarities for one of my favourite bands ever…The Splatterheads (The Splatter Platter) and ended up playing bass for them on tour…My old band Lawnsmell reformed and I put out a Lawnography.
0611cd cover.jpg

Maybe I should talk about Monster Session…here are the limited edition posters I have designed these past 3 years for the great cause/gigs.
0611monsters sess all three.jpg

While I’m on the subject of annual noise fests, here is 3 years worth of Poison Records Weekender posters… oh….and the booziest retard metal event in Australia…Slaughter- fest.
0611slaughterfest all 3 posters.jpg

Here are also the last 3 weekenders that occur down in Melbourne, where the moustaches are ironic and the music earnest.

Poison city are a great independent label that recently put out a Leatherface album that I got to do artwork for.
0611leatherface 2.jpg

I’ve also been designing stuff for all sorts of clothing labels – Vision, Billabong, Von Zipper, Insight and Supply…here are a few favourites that have gotten onto the bodies of trendoids all over the globe.
0611the colonel.jpg


Now, what’s great of late is that Jay Blurter has discovered body-boarding, gone nuts for it, and now runs his own label called Swarm…here are some of the cool designs I’ve done for him.
0611toxic shirt.jpg

Iggy Pop screenprints anyone?…silver on black…they’re about to sell out. Go to my store, but leave your bag behind the counter… I know your type!

The Hard-Ons rule…I know it, some others do and some are just plain slow or musically retarded…Here is a design I did when they did the single with the legendary cringe-comic Neil Hamburger. If I hear one more fool say “They were better when Keish sang with ‘em,” I’ll get very terse …heaps terse!
0611hard ons hamburger.jpg

Pod People are brilliant…veterans in this country playing stoner doom (stoom) here’s a clip me and the mighty Ross did for them.

I think that’s enough chunks of steaming blog to have to swallow at once…see you next month for another heapin’ helpin’.
Cheers and future beers, Glenno