Chinese Burns Unit


This band came about when Jay (Frenzal Rhomb), on his first day back in Sydney after an extensive world missionary trip, bumped into Glenn (Lawnsmell) on King St and informed him that they were in a band together. It took 9 months or so of intensely casual writing and demo-ing to come up with 60 plus songs....some quite good, most really stupid or dull. Replacing Jay's kick/snare keyboard-fingers is John Irish (Crux/Iron sausage/Pure Evil Trio) on real drums and sexy-ing up the band by 300% is Jonny T (Grand Fatal/Optionals) on guitar. Glenn and Jay will be swapping vocals/bass/guitar duties in a seamless display of swagger and smarm. Musically, the music is musical, but not for musos. Catchy, melodic, punky, metally, heavy, insightful and satirical are words I have written in a listy sort of thing to help the stupid achieve a vague appreciation of something unattainable in their collective understanding....let's face it...we are deep as. We are Post-Post-Fun We are surreal, atheistic and beerful We are not Chinese. .. .. ..

Member Since:

March 30, 2010


Glenn Smith - guitar, bass, vocals Jay Whalley - guitar, bass, vocals Jonny T - guitar, bass, vocals John Irish - drums, drums, drums.


You'll probably work it out, meanwhile, why don't you check out Glenno's mad interview skillz: